Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 28, 2006 - Optimizing Blogs For Adsense

Post Archive >>> February 2006 - Month for Lovers

Recently, my internet sessions were focused on optimizing my blogs for the search engines. This is because I believe that the success of my blogs is based on the traffic that they receive.

Now, I will focus my activity on optimizing my blogs for the Google Adsense too.

I want also to prove that my blogs are capable of earning dollar now only through the AMAZON and the ADBRITE but through the Google Adsense program too.

We already know that lot of Webmasters now adays who became wealthy because of Adsense. Some of them earn thousands of dollars per month. And I think, it is not yet late for me to engaged with it. And who knows God will give me a chance to be one them.

With Regards to Network Updates, here it is:

For my blog on About Philippines I posted Philippine Coup February 2006 as an update on what happened here in the Philippines.

Songs are already part of my life. That's why I added more lyrics on my Songs Lyrics blog. This time, it was the songs of Rodney Atkins that got my interest for them to be added on my blog. These songs are:
For a blogger like me who has no owned computer and is just renting computer space in internet cafes here in the Philippines, time is very limited for me. This is the reason why I only added three more cellphones on my Cellphones For Sale blog. These are:
All phones by the T-Mobile.

I haven't updated the majority of my blogs. But then, I recovered and reposted some lost posts on my Ka Webspy blog. These posts belong to the July 2005 posts.

I am also facing a financial problem. I don't know where can I find money to finance my blogging activities. But for those who are interested to support me, you can do it anyway by purchasing products I am offering such as: DVDs - Books - Cellphones - Camera - Gadgets - Computers. A part of the money you paid for those products will be sent to me as commission.

Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27, 2006 - Template Debugged

Post Archive >>> February 2006 - Month for Lovers

My internet session for this day was spent only in debugging the template of all the blogs hosted by the blogspot.com.

Before, I thought the blogs can viewed best when using only the firefox browser. But then I realized that there must be a problem in my codes in the template that resulted an unwanted view of my blogs. And when I debugged it, I found some code error in the template.

Now, you can view the blogs better even if you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I updated only the Cellphones for Sale blog by adding a new cellphone: Sony Ericsson K750i Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26, 2006 - Increasing Traffic

What other blogger said about the blogspot hosted blogs that it is hard to optimize it for the search engine is true.

Currently I am really working hard, looking for ways to make these blog top on the result of the search engines queries. I already have tried techniques I knew that do not violate the Google's policy, but then until now, my blogs receive no traffic coming from Google Search Engines.

However, I also consider some factors why my blogs failed to show up on Google Search Engines results. I think this is because my blogs contain only few posts. Because based on my experience with my Ka Webspy blog, Google started to show my blog on its search engine result when my blog reaches more than 600 posts.

By the way, I reposted my lost posts related to Naruto Series. They are:

Saturday, February 25, 2006

February 25, 2006 - About Himay-angan

Well. Someone has emailed me asking me about some exact information about the landslide because he has a child living in Himay-angan.

Okay. Himay-angan is actually a barangay of a town before Liloan. I think its Libagon. This barangay is 15 to 30 kilometers away from Guinsaugon.

So if his child is really in Himay-angan, then I am sure his child is still alive until now, except of course if his child went to Guinsaugon and there stayed for sometimes until the disaster had happened.

Well, for my updates on the Ka Webspy Network, here it is:

On Naruto-Series blog:
For Cellphones For Sale blog:
For Gadgets for Sale blog:
For Camera For Sale blog:
New Laptop and Notebook for Sale:

Thursday, February 23, 2006

February 23, 2006 Network Updates

Life returns to normal again....

Here's the changes I made for today:

For Cellphone for Sale blog, I added two more cellphones:
I added another two SLR on my World of Camera blog:
Another Two Magellan GPS are added on my Gadgets for Sale blog:
For the computer Tips and Tricks, I added two HP Desktops:
And lastly I added two diet books on my Books For Sale blog:
And for my Ka Webspy blog >>> Guinsaugon Rescuer Failed To Rescue?

Support me on my blogging activities by purchasing products I offered on my blogs. Or join me in writing contents for any of the blogs of my Ka Webspy Network, just Contact Me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22, 2006 Network Updates

Yesterday I forgot to append the February 21, 2006 Network Update at the Post Archives for February 2006.

This is because I forgot to create a schedule for my task. How ever I will try to append it now.

By the way, my former boss called me up telling me that I still have money from her. Good news, for I don't have money anymore.

Anyway, my Cellphones For Sale has been updated with two more Cellphones:
I then added another two SLR Camera for the World of Camera blog:
I also added two GPS on my Gadgets for Sale blog:
And then lastly, two more desktop Computer has been added to my Computer Tips and Tricks blog:
Well I need to update my Books for Sale and Movie Updates blogs but then I don't have time anymore. I need to go home now.

If I only have computer at home and own internet connection, I think I can maximize my work. I wanted to buy a desktop computer but then I don't have money for this. To let you know, I spent a lot of money for this kind of vice. Thanks to all who purchase products dealed on my blogs, because of them I find something to finance all my activities.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

February 21, 2006 Network Updates

I lost words. I am wondering what to write on this post. But of course expect me to post here the updates on my Ka Webspy Network blogs.

Ohhh. I got 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish my job. Today I couldn't make an update with my blogs on DVD and Books since I am already at my overtime job.

For the updates, here are the following:

I recovered some posts for my Naruto-Series blogs. Those posts are all part of the June 2005, July 2005, and August 2005 archives.

I also reposted some of my old posts which belongs July 2005 , June 2005 archives. I forgot to include my posts in my previous update post. These are Philippines Landslide, Guinsaugan Landslide, Who’s to Blame?, and YesAsia Associate.

For my Cellphones For Sale, I added another new Nokia phones:
I added two Nikon SLR Camera for my The World of Camera blog.
For my Gadgets for Sale blog, I added two Garmin Navigators:
Lastly, I updated my Computer Tips and Trick by adding two Apple CPU. Of course these are all for Sale.
So, what's you're waiting for. If you want to support me then buy products posted on my blogs. Your support is ofcourse highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Monday, February 20, 2006

February 20, 2006 Network Updates

Monday. Students are busy here in this cafe composing their assignments and papers. Rescuers in Ginsaugan are busy too. Everybody is busy.

My 30 minutes has been spent already reading news about Philippines Landslide. And I was even looking at the pictures taken from Ginsaugon.

But for my Ka Webspy Network, here's the update:

My Cellphones For Sale blog has been added with two new PDA:
One of the two SLR Camera added here is my dream Camera actually. But it's so expensive and that I can't afford to buy it. I hope someone will buy it for me.
In the United States of America, Navigator gadget is already available for drivers. You can drive anywhere in USA when you have this navigator. I added two of these in my Gadgets for Sale:
How about computers? I know, there are lots of tech-savvy here who are looking for affordable Desktop computers here in the internet in which they can purchase it through their fingertips.

I have here two new Apple Desktop computers. I hope these can help you choose:
Now if you wanted to know the hottest DVD's in the internet, here they are:
And maybe some of you are looking for books on Food. I have added two new books on my Books for Sale blog:
You might be interested too in the Music Cd of the Faith Cuneta. To let you know, Faith Cuneta is the artist who perform the theme of the Jewel in the Palace, entitled" Pangarap na Bituin". You can purchase it online here >>> Pangarap - Philippine Tagalog Music CD.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

February 19, 2006 Network Updates

Well, this is the page that I created first for my convenience. Anyway, all my updates will be posted here.

Okay here's the Network update:

I posted new SLR Camera on my World of Camera blog:
Then another unblocked Cellphones at my Cellphones for Sale blog:
But before I posted these updates, I posted my thoughts on the Ladslide happened in Brgy Ginsaugan, St. Bernard, Southern Leyte which killed the residents of the said Barangay and its Sitios and all the visitors at that area >>>> Ginsaugun St. Bernard Landslide

Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 18, 2006 Network Updates

It's Saturday. My wash day.

After updating all my blogs, I will proceed to our service area to wash all my dirty clothes.

With regards to my updates, I added 2 unlocked phones,
Starting today, I will be offering unlocked phones to all online purchaser. This is because I found out that there are visitors of this site who are looking for unlocked phones. And I think, it is not yet late to offer these kind of product.

I also added two SLR cameras:
I also added two XboX softwares into my Gadgets For Sale blog:
For my Computer Tips and Tricks, I added an index page for Desktop computers and added two products for it.
Another two DVDs are added to my Movie Update blog:
And lastly, another two books are added under Food Category:

Friday, February 17, 2006

February 17, 2006 Network Updates

This morning I came up to a decision that my internet session will now be limited to a maximum of two (2) hours. And my updates to all my For Sale blogs will also be limited up to 2 posts. But then I will be doing internet session daily.

I made this decision in order to give time in planning and other job that I should do.

And here's the update that I have made:

For Cellphones For Sale blog:
For The World of Camera:
For Gadgets For Sale blog:
For Computer Tips and Tricks:
After doing that updates, I still have enough time to post for my Jewel in the Palace blog and posted this >>> Betrayed the Country Again? I also steal a chance to read the latest update for naruto Manga and posted my reaction at my Naruto Series blog, which is entitled "Naruto Manga Chapter 295.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

February 16, 2006 Network Updates

Now it's Thursday. I still feel sleepy. I sent to bed last night at 11:00 after watching Jewel in the Palace. I want to have a long rest but then I need to wake up early as 3:00 in the morning because I need to do my obligation to God as a true member of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

At 7:00 I went home and planned to collect the fallen coco-fruit (Niyog or Lubi in Visaya. I am not sure if coco-fruit is the right term for it.) at our Coconut field but then heavy rain fall. So I decided to start my internet session.

After reading all my emails, I immediately update my Gadgets For Sale blog with some of the XboX items, like:
I also added more Samsung phone on my Cellphones For Sale blog:
If you are interested please buy some of my products. My store is secured because everything you find here are provided by AMAZON or by YesAsia.

If you are intersted in DVDs I also have added new hot DVDs available for online purchase. These are:
I have here some new Pentax Camera:
Yesterday, a customer has ordered a Minolta Camera. Well, thank you very much for supporting me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15, 2006 Network Updates

Before updating everything, I posted first my thought on Valentines Day at my Ka Webspy blog:
Then after posting it, I wrote an update for the Jewel in the Palace entitled Secrets To Success.

Okay. It's now time for some updates on my products available online.

For Cellphones For Sale, we have the following Samsung Phones:
We updated also our Camera For Sale blog. For this time, we added some Nikon camera:
At this time, I am still busy modifying the template of my Gadgets For Sale blog. I also added some XboX items such as:
Actually I am not yet finished working my scheduled tasks but then I have to end my internet session now for I need to go home for my spiritual obligations.

You can support my blogging activity by purchasing the products I am dealing with online through the AMAZON and YesAsia.

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

February 14, 2006 Network Updates

I have previous posts made on my blog on Songs Lyrics but I forgot to made an update news here. Those posts are:

>> S >>

List of Sarah Geronimo Songs:
>> M >>

List of Songs of Mark Bautista:
And today, I posted the result on the Physical Therapyst Licensure Examination released this month, February 2006 which can be accessed here >>> Physical Therapist Licensure Examination February 2006 Result List of Passers.

My experience in going to Hinungan Leyte is posted as my diary at my blog for Aubrey Consignado which can be accessed here >>> Southern Leyte Landslide.

I updated the cellphones posted on my Cellphones For Sale. The new cellphones are:
The World of Camera blog has been updated with some new available digital camera:
I added 3 new Gadgets on my Gadgets for sale blog:
I also reposted the recovered posts for Naruto at my Naruto Series blog:
And to close my 5 hour internet session for today, I posted a new post on my Ka Webspy blog:

Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10, 2006 Network Updates

Friday is my Naruto day. On this day I tried to watch and read the Naruto Anime and Naruto Manga series updates. And as part of my update, I posted A Friday For Update on my Naruto Series blog.

I finally posted the lyrics of the songs of The Black Eyed Peas on their Monkey Business album into my Song's Lyrics blog. These are:
For my few minutes left in the internet, I successfully posted new digital camera available for online purchase at my The World of Camera blog:
I think I need to rest for this day. I only made few updates for this day. If only the blogger wasn't experience any downtime, maybe I posted more updates on my Ka Webspy Network.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The World of Camera Index

Newly Added Camera:
Added Cameras on February 2006:

February 9, 2006 Network Updates

Post Archive >>> February 2006 - Month for Lovers

The result on the Archictect Licensure Examination has been released so I updated again my blog for Examination Results. You can visit and see if one of your love ones passed the exam, here >>> Architect Licensure Examination - January 2006 Result List of Passers. Last day of my network updates, I also posted the result for the Marine Licensure Examination result here >>> Marine Engineer Licensure Examination January 2006 Results.

My visitor for the Jewel in the Palace blog is not getting bigger. And to entertain them more, I again posted another two new posts. They are:
More new cellphones available for online purchase are added on my blog called Cellphones for Sale:
After adding them on the blog, I again updated the list of cellphones and the Index of the posts on that blog.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cellphones For Sale Index

Newly Added Cellphones and PDA and Accessories:
Products added previously:
Added Cellphones on February 2006:

February 7, 2006 Network Updates

I published my diary on the To Aubrey Consignado blog which is entitledMy Last Days in Jam-Net Computer Center.

I also reposted my lost posts on my Ka Webspy blog. The said posts are all part of the June 2005 posts.

After editing the template of all my blogs hosted by blogspot, I posted the result on the Marine Engineering Licensure Examination that can be accessed here >>> Marine Engineer Licensure Examination January 2006 Results.

I also posted my comment on the latest released chapter of the Naruto Manga Series. You can read it here >>> Naruto on 4 Tail Jinchuuriki.

My blog on Jewel in the Palace has been updated too by a new post entitled Jang Geum is Jang Geum.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

February 5, 2006 Network Updates

Currently I am in a travel to somepart of the Philippines. But travelling can't hinder me to update some of my blogs. As proof, I already posted my diary in my To Aubrey Consignado blog which is entitled "In Isabel".

While waiting for my friends who attainded the Sunday Mass, I updated my Cellphones For Sale blog and successfully posted the following:
Maybe these will be the last update that I could make with my network of blogs.

Friday, February 03, 2006

February 3, 2006 Network Updates

Today I reposted my June 2005 posts on my Ka Webspy Blog. They were lost after the server suspended my blog for several times which lead me to delete the entire database. I already had finished recovering my May 2005 posts and April 2005 except those related to Naruto because I transferred them to the Naruto Series blog.

My April 2005 is composed of several pages which can be accessed here.
My May 2005 has serveral pages too:
I updated my new blog, Gadgets For Sale with the available MP3 Players:
As of this date, there are only few sites or pages are linking to my Ka Webspy blog according to Google Search Result. I posted the result here >>> Sites Linking To My Ka Webspy Blog.

I lost words for some updates on my blog related to Internet. So I am forced to use again a free reprint article from Articlecity.Com. This article is about tips on protecting emails. Visit it here >>> Tips in Protecting Email.

I also posted my diary for today at my blog for Aubrey Consignado which is entitled, Looking For Job?.

After editing this post, I will be leaving this cafe now.

If you want to support me on my blogging activity, please buy products for me here >>> DVDs - Books - Cellphones - Camera - Gadgets - Computers.

Thank You.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

February 2, 2006 Network Updates

I updated some posts on Jewel in the Palace blog:
Then added the Gulong Ng Palad lyrics at the Songs' Lyrics blog, while editing some of the blogs adding the "This site is best viewed using FIREFOX browser statement.

I added the Sony Ericsson T637 Phone on my Cellphones for Sale blog.

The RIM Blackberry is added to the Cellphones Brands available on my blog and also the following phones:
I also posted an update on my Diary (To My Dearest Aubrey blog) which is entitled, Out From Jam-Net.

I wanted to update all the blogs but then I feel tired now.