Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 18, 2006 Network Updates

It's Saturday. My wash day.

After updating all my blogs, I will proceed to our service area to wash all my dirty clothes.

With regards to my updates, I added 2 unlocked phones,
Starting today, I will be offering unlocked phones to all online purchaser. This is because I found out that there are visitors of this site who are looking for unlocked phones. And I think, it is not yet late to offer these kind of product.

I also added two SLR cameras:
I also added two XboX softwares into my Gadgets For Sale blog:
For my Computer Tips and Tricks, I added an index page for Desktop computers and added two products for it.
Another two DVDs are added to my Movie Update blog:
And lastly, another two books are added under Food Category:

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