Saturday, January 29, 2005

January 29, 2005 Updates

  1. About the Ka Webspy Network
  2. Tips & Tricks In Using Computer
  3. Living In Metro Manila

About the Ka Webspy Network

Someone had email me and asked me about the Ka Webspy Network:

Dear Ka Webspy,

I just want to make sure and know something regarding to your website because it is really concerned me much. Anyway I knew already about of what was happened on it.

1. Is officially owned or property of Iglesia ni Cristo?
2. Does it has an official approval from proper higher authorities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo or Central Office to run this kind of website?
3. Who is Kawebspy in real life anyway? Is he an official member of Iglesia Ni Cristo?
4. May I know what is the purpose of kawebspy?
5. May I know also who are the people involved or behind on this website?

Kindly please let me know and I'll expect an honest answers from you. (ernie****

Instead of answering him through email, I rather post it here so that it will not only answer his queries but it will also serve as the About Ka Webspy Network and disclaimer page. Below is my answer:

Ka Webspy

Ka Webspy is an active member of the church (Iglesia Ni Cristo) whose intent is to share his knowledge in various fields, including his religious experiences from Catholicism to the true Christianity and his encounter with other religious groups especially the“Ang Dating Daan” of Mr. Eliseo F. Soriano. and Ka Webspy Network and the Ka Webspy Network are neither a property nor officially owned by the Iglesia ni Cristo. Thus, it operates independently and without official approval from the Iglesia Ni Cristo Administration. is a personal website maintained by Ka Webspy on his own ability and initiative. It is the main site for the Ka Webspy Network which is the network of blogs.

Ka Webspy Network is not just a single website with different categories, but a network of blogs of different bloggers (online writers) who are united in one goal, that is to share knowledge and information, on scholastics, politics, news and current affairs, and especially on religion. The news updates of the network will be published at

Contents and Sources

Sources for religious articles are products of the writers' research and interviews from individual Iglesia Ni Cristo members and former Ang Dating Daan officers. Excerpts and other media materials are cited from both ADD and ATD broadcasts. Sources for news and information used by the network of blogs (sites) are given due credits by linking the articles to the source webpages.

With regards to religious matters, what matters most is not the identity of Ka Webspy and other writers of the network-member blogs, but their pure intent to expose the falsehood of some religions claiming as Christians. To check the veracity and consistency of the materials used in this website, viewers are encouraged to watch the daily broadcast of “Ang Tamang Daan” and other Iglesia ni Cristo programs where you can hear the official teachings of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Pictures and articles posted on any of the blogs or websites of the Ka Webspy Network are fully owned by their respective authors or by the Ka Webspy Network, otherwise, specified and/or given links to sources.

Network Members

A blog powered by Google's Blogger are qualified to become a member of the Ka Webspy Network. But it should use the template provided by Ka Webspy without modifying it nor personalizing it.

Publishing News Updates

Ka Webspy is regularly checking the new posts on every network-member blogs, and will be the one to publish news on updates to the

Comments and Suggestions

For any comments and suggestions regarding the Ka Webspy Network, you can send them through email at, or you can drop them into our guestbook, or you can post them through the tagboard.

For any comments on every articles, photos, and other posted materials, please post them through the link given after or below the posted materials.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

January 19, 2005 update


Free Thinker has set up a new blog for "Flowers: About, News and Information". I added this blog last night to our Ka Webspy Network.

And then another friend of mine convinced me to configure a blog for him for his ERAIANS Blog. I already had given him a template for the said blog, and I am only waiting for him to tell me that his blog is ready for networking. Of couse, it will become a member of our network of blogs, the Ka Webspy Network.

When I went to sleep last night, another friend from Cebu City text me, asking me why I am not using the as host of my blogs. So, I told him the current situation with my host of the said domain, the

Last August and October 2004, I was disappointed with the services offered by the hosting solution. Support technician of the said hosting solution didn't respond immediately to my call. Below are the following posts I posted with regards to the said host.

Blogs Update:
  1. Flowers: About, News and Information
  2. Tips & Tricks On Internet
  3. On Fitness and Health

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

January 11, 2005 update

1. Unedited post for 101 Kontradiksiyon
- 22. Ang Diyos ba'y may puwet, ayon sa Biblia?
- 23. Matuwid ba si Cristo hanggang sa kaniyang kamatayan?
- 24. Ang Banal na hapunan ba ay literal?
- 26: Masama ba si Cristo nang siya'y nasa krus?
- 25. Naglakbay na sa mundo
- 26: Masama ba si Cristo nang siya'y nasa krus?
- 27: Si Cristo ba ang nagtayo ng Iglesia?
- 28: Ang tao ba ay dapat maging Diyos?
- 29: Diyos ba kayo dahil kasama mo ang Diyos?
- 30: Tumakas ba ang dumadakip kay Cristo?
- 31: Hindi ba kumukuha kayo ng pera sa pamamagitan ng pledge?
- 32: Ang abuloy ba sa Ang Dating Daan ay nakatago ang halaga?
- 33: Ang Diyos lang ba ang nakakaalam ng halaga ng abuloy?
- 34: Hindi ba kayo nakaabot ng High School?

2. Late post for Aubrey Consignado
- Comforting me
- Close my eyes
- Envy or jealous
- So pretty

3. Asia Tsunami Watch
- Video Captures Tsunami Hit Street
- British toll on tsunami
- Marines arrive in Indonesia to help tsunami recovery effort
- Vaccinated against measles
- Thailand tsunami victims exhumed
- Tides threaten Andaman islands
- Against tsunami-child trafficking and exploitation
- Tsunami dalits discriminated by government and NGO
- Canadian toll
- Indonesian Survivor Camp Grows by the Day
- Sri Lanka Troops, Rebels Worked Together

4. Wonderful! Miracle! Great! Totoo ba ito?
- Jews Killed Muslims through tsunami
- Survived under the collapse building (Late post)
- Indonesian man survived in Indian Ocean for two weeks

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

January 5, 2004 Update

2. Cellular Phone and Gadgets
- Nokia Wireless Keyboard
- Nokia 6260
- Nokia 6630
- Nokia 7610

3. Christmas in my life
- The Twelve Days of Christmas
- Oh Christmas Tree

4. Living In Metro Manila
- Taho

Free Thinker, a blogger who owns the Christmas in my life weblog, has tried to adopt the new template implemented on my other blogs such as To Aubrey Consignado blog and others.

Actually, we have no policy with regards to the template used by the sites that are members of the Ka Webspy Network. As long as the member site displays a link to Ka Webspy Network homepage or displays this, "Member: Ka Webspy Network", then everything is fine. However, if the template used by me on my blogs will also be adopted on their blogs (Ka Webspy Network members), may be it will be better for it will show uniformity.