Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogs to be migrated

SELaplana - Songs Lyrics - Philippine Exam Results

Okay! I contacted the owner of the company about my problem on the servers downtime.

Now, my blog is again down. But I think this due to the migration process that my blog has experienced just like what the he said to me. Maybe I will be back tomorrow. I think tomorrow my sites will be running fine again.

Blogs Down

I am sometimes embarrassed every time the host of my blogs, SELaplana and Songs Lyrics got downed. Just imagine how I wasted my time and money in going to Maasin City just to do my blogging jobs and realized that my blogs couldn't be accessed because of Servers down time.

I know a lot of clients of my hosts transferred to the other Pinoy hosting because of this problem. But I think, I need to give them a chance. I know, downtimes are just normal. But I think, they need to inform us about it to avoid any disappointment.