Monday, June 15, 2009

Hayden Kho - Maricar Reyes Scandal Part 3

Mukhang magpipyesta na naman ang mga perverts dyan dahil sa pagkarelease ng Hayden Kho - Maricar Reyes sex video part 3. Tumataas na naman ang number of searches on this kind of material. Ang ibang blogs dyan ay nalulunod na dahil overloaded na.

Kailan din kaya malulunod ang blog na ito sa mga visitors na pupunta dito. Hanggang ngayon, paisaisa lang ang pumupunta dito. Bakit kaya?

Sa bagay, masama ang pagkaSEO ng site na ito. I hate to say this pero talagang masama ang pagka SEO nito. Sa tingin ko nga yata penalized na ang blog na ito ng Google dahil out of 100 blogpost, only 30 posts are indexed and included to the Google SERP.

Ewan ko pano ko iaangat ang SERP position ng blog na ito. Ginawa ko naman ang dapat kong gawin. Links links links..... Ewan!

Ako Mismo

Ako Mismo ang gagawa para kumita ang blog na ito. Ikaw ano ang Ako Mismo pledge mo?

Sikat na nga ang Ako Mismo. Dahil nga sa Ako Mismo na yan, meron ding lumabas na Ako ang Simula. Baka sa susunod, may lalabas na Ako ang Dahilan, o di kaya ay Ako ang Gagawa.

Puro lang Ako. Bat kaya di natin gawing Tayo?

Anyway, my Monday is tired. I haven't sleep the whole night dahil iyak ng iyak ang bata. Di ko alam anong dahilan. Tiningnan ko ang ilong wala namang dumi. Ang pwet... Tapos pinabreast feed ko pa sa asawa ko pero wala din. Until I thought of lying him on his tummy on my tummy.. Pagkatapos noon ay nag burp siya ng kay lakas lakas..... then natulog na... Yon lang pala ang problema.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Medyo Masama ang Pakiramdam

Kagagaling ko lang sa biyahe pero nabasa ako ng ulan ng biglang umulan dito kaya napilitan akong maligo. Kaso, sumakit ang katawan ko pagkatapos kong maligo. Ito na yata ang sinasabi nilang pasma. Biruin mo ba naman, buong maghapon akong nagdrive ng motorsiklo pagkatapos naligo agad.

Napagalitan nga ako ni misis. Tigas daw kasi ng ulo ko.

On Maasin News

I am planning to give time to the Maasin News website. It already existed for more or less 6 months but the traffic is still too low.

I want to include this to the Google News but I think, it will not qualify yet knowing that there are only two contributors of the site. Google News only accepts the site with multiple contributors and editors.

My Son, Now A Christian

We successfully offered our son to God yesterday. And he is now truly a Christian.

And now, he's sleeping soundly and seems he's comfortable with the "duyan" that we made for him.

Anyway, some updates:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Offer Our Son

Tonight, we will offer our son to God. This is the counterpart of the infant baptism of the Roman Catholic Church. We don't have infant baptism but we do have infant offering.

If you will examine the Holy Bible, you'll find out that children should be offered to God and that those who should be baptized are those who heard the teachings of God through Christ, believe in what they heard and decided to be baptized.

I already prepared his outfit. And we're ready now.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watching Wowowee!

Watching Wowowee of Willie Revelliame has become part of our daily activities. We did it not just to relax, to laugh, and to enjoy but also to learn something from the lives of the contestants featured in the Willie of Fortune section of the tv program.

Like now, I am currently watching Willie sings "Ikaw Na Nga" song composed by Mr. Saturno.

The songs is good. Although the voice of Willie is not that really good. I love the show.

A little Bit Successful

I told you in my previous post that what I linking back directly to the deindexed post is a failure. However, today I realized that some of those deindexed are now indexed again. So, among those posts, the following posts are not yet indexed again:
  1. tumor
  2. going to tomas oppus
  3. too warm
  4. NLE June 2009
These posts are of course fall under the June 2009 archive.

Eventhough, I am a little bit successful in my goals, but I am still wondering what technique had made me successful. Is it the linking back directly to the posts or linking back to the homepage of the blog.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Antother Technique

Okay. I think, linking directly to the post that are classified already as deindexed by Google from the SERP is not the best way to re-include them to the SERP.

I thought of another technique. This time I will be linking back not directly to the posts but to the main page or home page of the blog. For example, I will be linking to the home page of this blog, "Ka Webspy Network". With this, Google will spider the homepage. Since the new posts are linked from the homepage, so there will be a possibility that Google spider will find those new posts and probably include them to the SERP.

Let's try a link to the SELaplana Updates blog. There are few news posts there, and let's see again what will be the result of this.

Some Are Included Again

I think, linking back to those posts that are stripped off from the Google SERP is the effective way of making Google index them again.

As of writing this post, there are few posts that are deindexed already that are again indexed by Google. And I think, my previous link back helped them indexed again.

So, I'm linking back again to:
  1. tumor
  2. going to tomas oppus
  3. too warm
  4. plane crash
  5. NLE June 2009
  6. Whom should I beleive
  7. Can't access the blog
Now, let's see what will happen. I will write a post again that will talk about the result of this experiment.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Which of the Blogs to Update

You already knew that I installed an Update blog as part of my main blog. But it seems that Google is rejecting to index my posts in the update blog compared to the posts in the main blog. So with this, I am now confused which of the two blogs should I update frequently.

However, I also remember that it takes time for Google to trust a new blog. And this Update blog is still new. It officially started last April 2009. And it might be true that Google is still in the process of acquainting with this blog. And once Google found it very trustworthy, I think that will be the time that Google will frequently visit this blog.

I'll just hope, this blog really has still the chance to be befriended by Google.

Really Rejected

I think, those posts that are not included on the Google SERP are already rejected by Google. I couldn't tell yet what's the problem with those posts. But I think, they violated certain policies that caused the deindexing.

Isn't it I posted a test post with the title "Failed Way". Actually, after 1 hour, the post is already included on the Google SERP. But the post linked from that post is still nowhere in the SERP. That's the main reason why I said earlier that those posts that are deindexed b Google are really rejected by Google and I think there's no way those posts will be back on the Google SERP again.

Failed way

The post, "Can't Access the Blog" has been posted on June 1, 2009. At first, Google indexed the post, but few days passed, it was deindexed. I don't know what's the reason behind the deindexing especially that it only has two links linking to "Make Money Online" blog and to the "Sports Minded" blog.

This morning, I republished it by changing the date of publishing. After 5 hours, I checked the Google SERP but it is still not included on the indexed pages.

This post is a way of testing if the deindexed post will be indexed again after linking from this post. Let's see what's the result.

Can't Access the Blog

I got a problem here. My Smart Bro internet connection can't access my blog. I don't know what's the problem. Maybe it's on the DNS.

But, if I will access other blogs in the same server hosting my "Make Money Online" blog, all the blogs can be accessed.

So it seems that the only problem in accessing is my main blog.

By the way, my blog "The Sports Minded Me" is now indexed by Google. This is again another success.

Thinking of What to Buy

Since last month, I am already thinking what to buy. Is it tricycle or multicab jeep?

I think, I need to put my money to something that would bring me money. I just couldn't allow my money would stay in my bank account earning just a few cent every month for the interest of the bank saving is really too low.

My wife suggested that I rather buy multicab jeep. We can earn money if we'll make it passenger jeep and we can also use it in long distance travel.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Can't Understand

I already posted several posts on this blog like:
But only the recent post was indexed by Google and rest are out of the index.

Before, I noticed that these posts were already indexed but it just happened that all of them were out of the index again.

What's the matter of this?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Whom Should I believe?

Erik Chua and Dr. Belo submitted their own affidavit to the NBI. Both denied as the culprit in the proliferation of the sex videos of Dr. Hayden Kho.

But after reading the affidavits, I found that of Erik Chua as mas kapanipaniwala than the one submitted by Dr. Belo. Dr. Belo has lots of inconsistences from his statement in the affidavit and in the interviews of the media since December 2008.

Ano kaya ang opinion naman ni Katrina Halili dito.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

June 2009 Nurse Licensure Examination Results

The Nurse Licensure Examination will be held this coming June 6 and 7, 2009. Almost 80,000 Nurse graduate registered already for the exam.

So, if you are looking for the list of passers of the NLE June 2009, please come back here. The list will be soon published here as soon as the result will be released.


Plane Crash

The talks for few days already is all about the Air France Flight 447's fate. Even the Philippine TV is airing updates on the search for the black boxes of the Airbus 330-200 which was believed to be thrown in the under-sea mountains of the Atlantic Ocean.

Currently, there was no survivor found.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Too Warm

It's too warm here in our apartment. Our son couldn't sleep well and he really is perspiring. And I couldn't sleep as well. That's why I just sit in front of the computer and publish the following posts:
  1. Nintendo Saves Images to Facebook
  2. Omar Sues Irene Kho
Yesterday, I also posted "Media Temple vs DreamHost" which is my answer to the feed email subscriber's request. I also posted before that the "AyosDito.Ph" review post.

By the way, I already feel sleepy. Thanks to blogging and I finally feel sleepy. So, I need to go to sleep now.

Going to Tomas Oppus

We have activity now in Tomas Oppus. I will be going with them. Kaso maiiwan ang mag-iina ko dito sa bahay. Mga 7PM pa kami makaalis doon pabalik dito. Kaya posibleng mga 9PM na ako makarating dito sa bahay.

Pero nagdadalawang isip ako kung sasama ba talaga ako o hindi. Para kasing nakapapagod ang pagbiyahe lalo pa't magmomotor lang ako ngayon.

Anyway, got new post at my Update blog, "New Super Mario Brothers for Wii".


Tonight, my uncle is in the Maasin City provincial Hospital. He'll undergo operation tomorrow. The doctors will try to operate the tumor in the breast of my uncle.

Actually, it's my first time to learn that a man has tumor in his breast. I thought only the woman can have this.

Anyway, there's nothing to wonder if my uncle has tumor too. Because all his siblings had undergone operation already because of tumor.