Sunday, July 06, 2008

July 2008 SEO Campaigns

Last month of June 2008, I failed to work my blogs and SEO campaigns due to my wedding. I have lots of activities undone. My earning even drops a little. However, it's not over yet. I can start again and do something useful for my online money making jobs.

Below is the list of my current SEO campaigns:
  1. Pinay Scandal. I'm a little bit successful on it. My blogs are already enjoying the pleasure of being on the top SERPages.
  2. Freindster and Friendster Layouts. 200 visitors a month is quite a success already. But I want it to be increased. I just need some works on it. Maybe do another SEO campaign on similar keywords.
  3. Wedding, Wedding Invitation, Wedding Invitation Wordings and Unique Wedding Invitations. I started this campaign last June 2008 and I am still on the process of reaching the success.
  4. Smart Bro. I was successful on this before and got the first page position on Google SER but now, I found it nowhere on the first page.
  5. Water Fueled Cars. This is my latest SEO campaign. I still have lots of works to do to top the SERPosition. Macuha is there already wherein he started his campaign on this last month of June.