Thursday, August 13, 2009

Income Drops

I'm a little bit worried today upon learning that my online income has drop. I have lots of bills to be paid and I need to support the need of my family.

I am still wondering if the trust of the search engine to the affected blog was really drop which resulted to the drop of income. But the other side of me couldn't consider that thought because it is also true that advertisers on the keywords related to the pages of my blog are paying less compared to what they paid before. It ca be also true that my Adsense account was affected by those clicks generated that did not result to sales.

But there is no reason to surrender. There's no reason to back off. Instead of worrying about it, I think, I should think of ways how to earn more. Maybe I need to do a little research on better niche that will send me enough money.

By the way, the number of pages that was indexed by Google has dropped again. Last week, the number has increased a little but it seems Google has changed its mind and dropped some pages that was indexed already last week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Went to Malitbog

If you still don't know, Malitbog is 40 kilometers away from Maasin City.

Yesterday, we went to Malitbog to visit our aunt and my sister just like what we did before when CJ was not yet born. Of course we used our new tricycle in going there. And we took more than an hour in our travel because I just can drive the tricycle up to 40 kilometer per hour of speed.

Anyway, the adventure was a quite a fun except of course with the reaction of our son CJ.

I don't know what our son felt but what we knew is that he was just sleeping while we're on our way to Malitbog. However, when we arrived, he showed strange acts like crying loudly and ... I couldn't describe it.

My wife told me that maybe he felt unease knowing that we're in a different house and environment.

Because of this, we decided to go home by this afternoon.

But the problem became worst because this time, our son don't want to lie down. He just want to remain standing.

My wife had the hard time letting him sleep. But finally, when he got tired, he fell sleep.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

CJ is now 3 Months Old

Today, my son is already 3 months old. And I am not just happy for him to be a 3 month old baby, but I am also happy because he showed some improvements and developments.

Actually, he's only a month old when he started standing. He couldn't stand longer but at least he showed that for just a few seconds, he could already support his body by his legs. Now, he wanted to stand always. The only problem is that he doesn't know how to balance yet.

Another thing is that he can already lift his head up. Recently, my wife and I tried to let him stand by pulling him through his hands. When his body is lifted already, he then tried to lift by himself his own head and pull his body up until he finally stand.

These development really made us happy.

By the way, last night I wrote that my blog was not yet indexed by Google. Well, I am happy to tell you that Google has indexed it now. Although not all new posts are included on the SERP, but at least some of them are indexed already.

So, I can say that backlinks are really the best way to let Google index a blog.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Google Still Rejected New Posts

I already established a link from my post, "Indexing Observation" to the Update blog. And I'm quite successful in sending the Google spider to the said blog. But the only problem is that the new blogposts that are posted on the blog are not indexed by Google.

However, I noticed that Google updated the indexed pages. What I mean is that those pages that are indexed already are updated.

Now, what I am really wondering is why Google stopped indexing new blogposts posted at the blog. Is the blog or the entire domain penalized by Google already?

But if Google penalized the domain or the blog, then why are there lots of webpages of the blog that are ranked up high at the Google SERP? Because if the webpages of the blog are still on the top rank in the Google SERP then it only means that the domain or the blog itself is not yet banned, not yet penalized by Google.

I think, there is one thing that I should do. And it's getting more backlinks from the authority blogs or websites. And this is what I will do these coming these.

The following websites are prospects of the source of backlinks:
  1. Forums
  2. Blogs
  3. Directory
  4. Websites
So, I will be spending more time getting backlinks. And if I can successfully get enough backlinks then I can get the trust of Google again.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Indexing Observation

I had this observation since May 2009 that I couldn't understand. You see, I always post new content on the Update blog. But it seems that the Google spider will not visit the blog without other blog pointing into it.

For example, on May 2009, to start Google indexing all the content I published on that month, I need to establish first a link from this blog into the Update blog. Then once Google visited it already for that month, it will revisit the blog up to the end of the month.

But it seems that Google stops visiting the blog as the current month ends. And I need to establish a link again from this blog back to the Update blog just to let Google start indexing the blog again and revisit it up to the end of the month.

And that's what actually happened now. Since August 1 up to this day, Google had not visited the blog. And I guess, with a simple link that I made above back to the Update blog, Google will again visit the blog, index it, and revisit and reindex it again and again up to the end of the month.

Let's just see if I am right. But I guess, I am.