Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Updates and Request

I posted a new post for my Cellular Phones and Gadgets blog.

- SMART CELLebration

This morning a friend of mine who called himself the FreeThinker requested me to tell you that he has launched his new blogsite entitled Christmas in my Life. Anyway, he even asked me if he can join my Ka Webspy Network of blogsite, and I answered him positively.

Actually, his purpose of joining my Ka Webspy Network is only for the publishing purposes. He wanted to publish his updates on his blog here and be linked from our blogsites too.

Please click here to visit his site.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Ka Webspy's New Photo Gallery

I launched a new photo gallery which contains categorized photo albums of Ka Webspy collection of pictures. It also publishes sent pictures by the Ka Webspy Photo Gallery registered members for the specific photo album.

You can visit the site by clicking here ---->>> Ka Webspy Online Photo Album

I already have configured the two albums which belong to the Choir category:

1. 12-K Choir - The photo album which contains the collection of pictures taken during the preparation, practice, performance and other activities participated by the 12-K Choir.
2. Central Choir - One Voice 2003 (Elimination Round) - It contains pictures taken during the preparation, practice, performance and other activities participated by the Central Choir for the One Voice Chorale Competition 2003.

posted by Ka Webspy @ 2:27 PM

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Far From My Computer

Since Monday morning, I found difficulty in finding computers to be used for some updates for our network of sites. I stayed and checked-in at the Manila Domistic Airport at 11:00am. While at the pre-departure area waiting for the time of my flight, I tried to take a short nap. At 1:00pm we boarded the Cebu Pacific Plane bound for Cebu and then we landed on the Mactan International Airport at 2:15pm.

I went directly to the office where I should work with. I started my work at 3:00pm and finished at 11am the next day without sleeping. I took rest for 3 hours and then hurried to SM City to buy vessel ticket bound to Leyte.

....... to be continued

Monday, December 06, 2004

While Preparing

I am preparing my things for my flight tomorrow. I even see to it that all computers here are all in good condition and will run smoothly while I am away from them.

But as part of my daily activities, I published another new blogpost for a blogsite “To Aubrey Consignado”:

- Fooling Me and You

I also have recovered some blogposts for the same blogsites such as:

- Jealous
- Your Smile
- A Regret
- You Fill Up My Mind
- Crazy I am
- Forever’s Not Enough by Sara Geronimo
- My Love
- To Be Near You
- Your Text Reply
- For The Time
- Saying I Love You

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Recovered Blog Posts

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2. To Aubrey Consignado

- Basted Ako – 11/12/2004
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3. Central Choral Group

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4. On The Internet

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