Sunday, July 19, 2009

Exchange Linking of Blogs

I was searching the internet for the answer on how to avoid Google's deindexing pages of my blog. But almost all the people in the internet is talking one thing, that is, backlinking from other blogs or websites to the affected blog.

Of course I know how to earn backlinks for my blog. I can do it in different things like:
  1. Article Marketing. There are lots of websites out there that accept articles written by different people. These articles can be republished into the other websites. And as the compensation to the writers of the articles, links back to their websites were provided in the article. But of course, it's the article writer himself who will provide the link. The management of the website will not touch anything from the article. With this, your blog will already got backlinks from that website. However, once the article will be picked by other webmasters and published it at their own website, another backlinks will be earn by your blog or website.
  2. Social Networking sites. There are social networking sites that share some backlinsk to the original article or source article. But not all social networking sites do that because other put the rel nofollow to the links.
  3. Exchange Linking....
Well, they said that exchange linking is the easiest way to gain backlinks. But for it's the hardest.

I am already blogging for almost 5 years already but until now, I haven't exchange link to other blogs. I am a failure on this.

But, I think, it's not yet the end of the time. I can still ask other people to exchange links with my blogs. The only thing that I should do is do the first step because experts said that the first step is really the hardest thing to do. But once you already did the first step, the following steps are just easy.

So, should I start now?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Deindexed by Google

I was really wondering the real reason why Google deindexes pages that are indexed already. And I think, I already reached the limit of thinking of reasons.

For example. My blog's total indexed pages at Google is already 11,500 as I've seen before. But when I checked again today, there are 8,200 pages only. And the worst thing that I noticed is that there are lots of pages that I think are very much important but are already stripped off from the SERP. And besides, Google did not index my newly posted articles.

Currently, I am searching for the information regarding this. Hoping that there are some SEO who find the answer about it already.

But there was an article that suggested that one should get more backlinks to the affected sites so that Google will repeatedly visit a site thus encouraged the engine to include pages to the SERP. But we should take note that the backlinks should not only came from one other blog or websites but from different websites, especially those with higher PR.

Well, I think I know this thing already. The only problem in me is that I don't know how to implement the technique. I just knew that I need backlinks, but what I don't know is how can I get backlinks.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What about sex?

Well, sex is part of the married life. Without it, your married life is boring.

But how to enjoy it? That's what my friend asked me this morning. He told me that he never enjoyed the sex they made by him and his wife.

Well, I think, it's the love to each other that makes you enjoy the sex.

My wife and I perform our sex anytime we like. And I think, we both enjoyed it. I of course make sure that she'll feel the feeling that she want during sex and while doing that, i already enjoyed the activity.

So much for the talk, My posts made on July 14, were not included on Google index. These posts are:
  1. Attacking Main Server to US and SKorea Websites, in UK
  2. Steve Ballmer, I will Kill Google
  3. Microsoft Office 2010, Now Online Based
  4. Libel Suit by Richard Gutierrez against PEP.PH, Dismissed
  5. GMail Protects Users from eBay and Paypal Scammers
  6. Michael Jackson, Not the Biological Father of his Children
  7. Texting while Walking is Dangerous to your Health
  8. Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, Dead
  9. Bruno Tops Box Office
  10. 2010 Election Voters’ Registration Deadline – October 31, COMELEC
  11. Danzo has Sharingan – Naruto Manga 255
  12. July 27, Iglesia Ni Cristo Day, Special Working Holiday
That's quite a large number of posts. But I do hope that by linking back from here, Google will include them into the index.

But you might ask me, why am I working hard that every pages of this blog will be indexed by Google?

Well, the reason is that the more pages of your blog are included on the Google index, the more chances you'll blog has to top the SERP of Google.

So, if you are blogging, you need to make sure that every post that you have in your blog is included in Google's index. Every pages of your blog might not be all ranked at the top of the SERP but at least, there will be searches that your blog's pages will be included on the first page of the SERP. And once your blog's page is included on the first page of the SERP, the better chances that your blog will be visited by those visitors searching the net.

That's the reason why I am very much eager and working hard just to include every pages of my blog on the SERP.

To let you know, my blog "Make Money Online" has thousands of posts and pages. But almost half of it are not included on the SERP. I don't know what's the reason behind that... it might be because those posts and pages were penalized but another reason would be those pages were not found by Google.

So, we don't have another thing to do to include into the SERP those penalized pages. But we still have the chance to include into the index those pages that are not yet found by the search engines. And to do this, we only need to link back into those posts and pages from other blogs or websites.

That's how important is the link from other blogs and websites.

To let you know, links from this blog into my Updates blog is much helpful. Google tried to visit this blog almost every 3 hours. And if Google finds a link, Google automatically follow the link and tried to index the linked pages or posts.

Those recent posts that are not included on Google's index are posted on the time when I disregarded this blog. I did not post any thing here. And so, Google did not find any lead or links from this post that will lead the spider to the other blog.

And just like how you enjoy sex with your wife, I am also enjoying here.

I write anything on every post I made. I don't care if the grammar is bad. I don't care if there is no coherent on the subject as long as I wrote a post, expressed what I feel and think... then that will be fine.

I live by blogging and so I will do it everyday.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DNS Problem

I posted a post titled "What About Downtimes" previously and in that post I told you that my Smart Bro connection couldn't access my blog "SELaplana".

Well, after breaking in my new Kawasaki Barako 175, I immediately sit in front of my computer and think, why is it that Smart Bro, couldn't access my blog. I am a little disappointed at this time because my Globelines Broadband internet connection is again down. So, I don't have other ways to update my blog but to fix the problem with the Smart Bro.

For 3 hours of tinkering, I finally realized the DNS server used by Smart Bro might be the cause of the problem.

So, I immediately changed the DNS record of my computer. On this way, the DNS used by the Smart Bro will be overridden of the DNS record I set up on this computer.

The new DNS I used for the computer is the DNS of the

You know, after changing the DNS, my internet connection is working again.

By the way... I am a little bit tired today. I drove my motorcycle from here in Maasin City to Divisoria, Bontoc then going to Bato, Leyte and back again here in Maasin City. The total kilometers that I run is 120 kilometers.

Not quiet long.. but it's quiet good for a single day break in.

Tomorrow, I'm planning again to do the same trip. That's when the weather is good. The total kilometers run by the motorcycle is still 986 kilometers. And I still have to break in up to 1600 kilometers. Then after that, I will then try the motorcycle to run at the its maximum speed just to know what's the maximum speed of it.

So much for that... I will be updating again the Update blog. I need to do this everyday, to find some thing that might lead to higher traffic of my blog.

What about Downtimes?

This morning, after eating my breakfast, I immediately login to my Make Money Online blog. I was trying to publish an article I wrote to have some updates on it. However, I found out that my blog couldnt be accessed.

I thought at first, the blog is down.

So, I immediately log in to my Dreamhost account. Dreamhost is the web hosting company, hosting my blogs and websites through the Dreamhost PS. Then, I rebooted the server hoping to make my blogs accessible again.

However, after rebooting, my blog is still inaccessible. So, I checked my other blogs hosted by the same server. But they're all up and running.

This time, I suspected that maybe Smart Bro has the problem of accessing the blog because of DNS problem.

I tried accessing the blog using my Globelines Broadband connection, and yes, I accessed the blog. So, it's just a proof that the problem lies on the Smart Bro internet connection. Maybe, they're still updating the DNS.

Anyway, there's no problem with it. At least, my blog is live. So other users who are using other internet provider's connection can access it.

But losing few hundreds of visitors just because Smart Bro couldn't access my blog is still a problem.

Well, I don't have other choice but to just wait when will this problem of the Smart Bro will be checked and corrected.

By the way,.. It's really hard to make the posts on this blog longer. Sometimes, I need to write and include on my posts other stories that are not related to the topic of the post. But if this is the only way to please Google, then I need to do this again and again.

Anyway there are advantages of this technique to my personal development. Just imagine how good I may become in writing articles. Remember that when I wrote this post, I was just immediately typing the things that my mind was thinking of.

It's a great development. Not like before that I need to write down first to the papers all the things that I want to talk and publish on my blogs. And writing an article took me days before the article to finish.

But now, I just think of ideas and my hands immediately type those ideas. And after several minutes, the article is already published.

But what about the grammar?

Well, I don't have to worry of the grammar of the posts on this blog. Anyway, no one is reading this blog except my self. And if there are errors, then that will be fine because I am just human and is subject to errors.

Thought of Spam

Today, I learned that Google has included 6 new pages of my Update blog into their index. But these new pages that are included on the index are my new posts made just last night.

And because of this, I was thinking that those pages that are previously included on the index but are now stripped off from the index are being flagged down by Google as spam post, if not as duplicate content.

Now, if those pages were considered as spam posts or spam articles, then I need to know what makes a post a spam. But I think, for Google to consider a post a spam, its algorithm computes the ration of the links and the overall content of the page. That's one of the point I think that Google is currently considering when flagging down a page as spam.

For example.

Almost all post that are stripped off by Google from their index are smaller one. What I mean that those posts contains less than 200 words and that they contain atleast 1 external link.

If that's really what Google based the decision in stripping those pages from the index, then I think, I need to make my post a little longer. Maybe, Google really loves longer content than those with only two paragraph that contains less than 300 words.

So, beginning today, I will be writing longer articles. And let's see if Google will index them all.

But my problem now is what should I write so that my post will become long?

Well, I can talk about any thing. Just like what I am doing now. Even if the title is about cellphone, but I can talk about my personal experiences even if it's not already related to the cellphone.

Anyway, my mind is a little bit rich of the things that should be written into a piece of paper so that other people could read this and that it will be preserve for a longer time.

So much for that, let's just end this post here. I hope, Google will still include those posts into the index again.

And as a way of directing the Google spider into the posts, I am linking here, page 2, page 3, page 4 and page 5 of the update blog.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Made Me Wonder

I was really wondering what's the Google search engine is doing. 2 Hours ago, I checked Google indexes on my Update Blog by doing the site search. And I found out that there are more or less 40 pages that have been indexed already.

However by this time, the number of pages that have been indexed was backed to 19 pages. Lots of old posts were stripped off from the index while the new posts were added on it.

Now, what made me wonder is what really is the requirements of Google so that a post will retain on the index. Does it needs to have lots of backlinks to that posts? Is there any limit of the number of words that a post should have?

But I am also thinking that Google maybe is considering those pages that were stripped off from the index as duplicate content. If this is the real reason, then I think I need to strip some content of the theme I am using for the blog. Because those content, for example, in the sidebar, could be the reason so that Google consider a post especially those with only few words the duplicate of the other posts that I made.

Linking to the Homepage

One thing that I found out today.

If you want Google to index the articles you posted in your blog daily, what you need to do is to get backlinks from other websites that directly links to your homepage.

For example, I want Google to index the posts I posted at the Update blog. What I need to do is just establish a link from this post to the homepage of that blog. So, everytime Google spider this post, it also spider the homepage of the Update blog and index the links it found there.

That's what actually happened last month. But I failed to do the same steps for this month, that's the reason that only few articles were indexed by Google among the articles that I already posted for this month alone. The page 2, page 3, page 4, and page 5 of the Update blog are not yet indexed by Google, so I am establishing links here.

But I am still verifying it how true is my idea. So, I will just continue doing this on this blog only. If I will found out that the procedure is effective, then I will try other blogs again.

Mastering SEO is really so hard, but in no time, I will master it. That's a promise.

Globe Broadband Connection Fixed

Finally the my Globe Brandband connection has been fixed by the Globelines technicians. The problem was not on the modem, not even on the cables and not on my computers. The problem was on the switch of Globelines.

The technician verified that Cebu and other parts of Visayas especially here in Leyte are all up. So, they finally realized that the problem was on the switch. And after few minutes of resetting, my connection was up again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cab Almost Done

The cab that I ordered from Diao Shop in Bato, Leyte is almost done.

I went there this afternoon and I saw it. I think, by the first week of August, I can use the tricycle already. And again, it's another blogging juice.

Blogging really brought me different things. I already got a Honda XRM motorcycle, appliances, wife, son and now a tricycle.

Updates here:
  1. Updates page 1
  2. Updates page 2
  3. Updates page 3
  4. Updates page 4

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Got Fever

I am currently suffering for the high fever. I think, it's caused by my tonsillitis. My tonsil worsen after eating chocolate brought to us by our friend from Qatar.

At first I thought I have H1N1 flu but the illness that I am suffering is not a flu but simply a fever. I got no cough no cold and no body pain. It's just a fever. I couldn't also say that it's dengue because there were no rushes on my body.

My sister told me to take Co-trimoxosol and Paracetamol. So, I did it. And I'm hoping that after few hours, my body will return to normal.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


You know, when I posted my previous post, "I'm back!", I thought Google would not visit this blog anymore because after 1 hour, I checked Google for possible indexing but I found out that the new post was not yet indexed.

I was worried. Yes! That's why I was thinking immediately what to do. And here's my thought:
  1. In times Google stopped indexing your blog, you need just 1 backlink from other blogs that Google frequently indexed with.
However, after several hours, I checked again the Google SERP and I was planning that if ever the blogpost is not yet indexed, I will be putting link from my other blog going back here. But, it's quiet interesting because Google has finally indexed the new post.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I'm back!

I failed to visit this blog and put something new here. I was just too busy. I have lots of things to do.

Yesterday, I put a new blog. This time it's about searches at the SELaplana blog.

For now, I checked if the blog is already indexed by Google or by other search engines. But it seems that Google and the other search engines ignore the blog.

But I don't lost hope. I know someday or few days from now, Google and other search engines will start to flood the blog and will surely include the blog to their indexes.