Sunday, December 28, 2008

Indexed Pages Decreased

Today's the worst day for this blog. When I checked it last time, there were 138 pages that were included on the Google SERP. But now, only 114 pages are included on the index.

I don't know what happen. I wonder what should I do to increase the number of pages indexed by Google.

But it's not yet the end of all things. I still have the chance to increase it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Posts Lost from the SERP of Google

Last December 20, 2008, I checked the Google SERP whether my new posts at that time were included into the Google SERP. These new posts were:
And the total number of pages of this blog that have been indexed by Google is 138. However, just today I learned that only 134 are indexed and 4 pages lost. So, I wonder why the 4 pages were deindexed. They're not even included on the list of duplicate contents.

My new post, "New Christmas Posts", and "SELaplana's Tagalog Version" are already included on the pages indexed by Google. However, I am still wondering how many days would these pages be included on the SERP.

SELaplana's Tagalog Version

Last December 4, 2008, I added the tranlators plugin for Wordpress into my blog "Make Money Online". The translation process was too slow specially that I set the translators connection to 30 minutes.

Yesterday, I changed the translators connection option to 10 minutes. The translator plugin responded and translated hundreds of pages already.

Now, I found out that the blog's homepage has its own Tagalog Version already. Check it here >> "Make Money Online by Blogging."

The result of translation is funny. I don't know where's the problem, whether in my way of writing the original article in English or in the translation of my article.

But anyway, atleast the number of posts of my blog has somewhat doubled now.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Christmas Posts

December is the month of Christmas. Lots of bloggers wrote about Christmas because they know that lots of internet searchers are looking for Christmas stuffs, Christmas info, and other things related to Christmas.

I wrote few of the blogposts at my blogs. And these are:
  1. Christmas
  2. Christmas Text Messages
  3. Popular Christmas Keywords

Monday, December 22, 2008

Traffic Down

The traffic of my two blogs, Make Money by Blogging and OPM Lyrics, started to dive now. At first I thought, it is because lots of internet users are now on their vacation without accessing the internet. However, through my few investigation made, I found out that these blogs are now out of the SERP on the several priced keywords.

Here are few of my old posts on this blog which are out of the SERP:
  1. The Unique Rose
  2. Rovhick's Website
  3. Is It Another Threat To My Website?
  4. Thanks To Mr. Eliseo Eli Soriano
These posts are posted on June 2004

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I wrote an article about Christmas that answers the questions like:
  1. What is Christmas?
  2. Why is Christmas a Pagan Festival?
  3. What's the lie behind Christmas?
Check the article, "Christmas".

In my blog, "You ask I answer", I also posted two articles. These are:
  1. When Did People start to celebrate Christmas?
  2. Who invented Christmas?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Ask, I Answer blog

My blogs, SELaplana, Naruto Shippuuden, and Songs Lyrics, including the blog of my wife, Text Messages, and the Maasin City News blog are down since Sunday morning (Philippine Time) until now due to server problem. I don't know what to do now. I want to transfer to the new host but I just don't have enough money to do that.

So, for now, what I can do is to wait until the problem will be resolved.

By the way, I created a new blog called, "You Ask, I Answer" that will feature all the questions with answer from me.