Thursday, April 30, 2009

Failed to See Our Ob-Gyne

This afternoon was supposed to be the schedule of my wife to see our Ob-Gyne. It was the 39th week of our son, Carl Justine Laplana. We learned from the secretary that the doctor was busy performing a medical operation.

Anyway, we'll be back tomorrow, hoping that we'll successfully see the doctor. We need to know if the cervix of my wife is already ready to release our son.

And while, my son is not yet born, my wife and I will continue our breeze walking every morning and in early evening too at Villa Perla subdivsion.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Needs to Work More Harder

The income of my blogs dropped by 50% from my March 2009 income. It's a little bit frustrating to know this. But I don't have other choice but to work more harder, write more quality articles and drive more traffic into my blogs.

But I am wondering until when would I suffer this kind of crisis. It seems that I was already affected by the current world's financial crisis.

Oh God! Please help me!

Considered Spam Blogs

I have more than 10 blogs hosted by But among these blogs, only few are only active.

When I say "active" what I mean is that when I post new blogpost, Google automatically spider it and included it in the index from 1 hour to 5 hours after posting it.

I think, those blogs that are not indexed immediately by Google are the blogs that considered by Google as spam.

Fortunately, this blog, Ka Webspy Network, is one of those lucky blogspot blogs that are still trusted by Google. That's the reason why I am posting more posts into this blog. I should take advantage of this.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kambal Sa Uma

My wife and I currently are watching the "Kambal sa Uma" (Twin in the Farm). My wife loves the story of it and I found it every entertaining too.

On this way, I can get relaxed even if the pressure in blogging is very intense.

You already know that I have problems in my blogging career. I narrated that already in my previous post, "Determination Technique".

Where did I get that title?

Actually, I borrowed it from the Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2. I started downloading the movie last night and it finished just this morning. And by noon, I watched the movie. The story is nice and very inspiring. Naruto showed his determination in defeating his enemy.

Determination Technique

April 2009 was the worst month in my entire blogging career. It was on this month that my blog is down almost everyday. It's on this month that I need to abandon my reseller account from Ploghost Webhosting even if I paid them PhP40,255.00 which started last March 6, 2009 as the renewal date of my account. It was on this month that I transferred to a more expensive hosting. It was on this month that I spent a lot of money just to save my blogs and my blogging career.

What remains in me is my determination to survive through these days.

My blogging income has decreased a lot and I have to spend more money for my son who should be born few days from now.

And it's all thanks to the main character of the Naruto Manga, Naruto anime and Naruto Shippuuden.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The New Washing Machine

My wife and I bought a washing machine with spinner. This is part of our preparation for the upcoming of our son, Carl Justin Laplana. We bought it for about 7,000.00PhP.

And just this afternoon, we already used it in washing all our dirty clothes and bed covers. I consider that a practice especially that I haven't used a machine like this ever since.

We just wonder if how much would we pay for our power consumption and water consumption. We
noticed that we need to use a lot of water in washing.

But at least we have it already.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Opened Our Piggy Bank

My wife and I failed to spend our money wisely. Since January 2009 up to this time, we spent more money than what we earned. One of the reason of this problem is the hosting subscription that we have paid to the former host of my SELaplana blog. The total payment that I sent to my former webhost is 40,255.00PhP.

Actually, that amount was considered by as the lost money, because we paid my webhosting subscription starting March 6, 2009, but then by this week, I abandoned that webhost because of frequent downtimes. The subscription should end on March 6, 2010 but I havent used up that subscription.

I request a refund from them but I am not sure yet if they would pay me the refund.

Since we're short financially, we are forced to open or break our piggy bank. And just this morning, we deposited into our bank account the amount of 7,100PhP worth of coins.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Write BlogPost, Google Index Immediately

I am currently enjoying the privilege of being loved by the spider of Google Search Engine.

I am calling it a privilege because after publishing new blogposts on this blog, I will just wait for few seconds and then the newly published blogpost will be included immediately at the Google Search Engine's index.

My other blogs do not have this kind of privilege. In fact, I count days before my new blogposts at the other blogs are indexed by Google.

For example:

Several days ago, I posted these blogposts:
And there are other blogposts posted on that blog. But up to this day, these blogposts are not indexed by Google.

I am wondering what's the reason why it happens like this. Or maybe, that blog was considered by Google as spam blogs.

But anyway, at least, there few of my blogs that are currently enjoying a special kind of privilege given by the Google Search Engines.

Preparing for the Coming of Carl Justine Laplana

Today, my wife and I received a present from my sister. I am very thankful for what she's given us especially now that my wife and I experienced financial problem.

Since March 2009, she already have given us the complete things that my son needs when he'll come out from he's mother's womb.

This afternoon, my wife and I went to shopping. We buy more things that we think are needed by our son. We also bought maternity diaper, maternity napkins and dress that will be used on the delivery.

Actually we are now waiting for the right time that Carl Justine Laplana will be born. According to my wife's OB-Gyne anytime starting last Friday, our son can come out because he is already on the TERM period.

Error 500, Server Internal Error

My free 1 week from the DreamHost as a trial period for my DreamHost PS and PS-MySQL will end two days from now. So, I adjusted the server resources to the point that I think is enough for my blogs.

But I think, the adjustment is too low because after few hours, my blog is not accessible anymore. The browser just told me that there was an Error 500 or Server Internal Error.

I immediately thought that the cause of that error was the adjustment that I did. And from what I already read from other users using the DreamHost PS and PS MySQL, the only thing to do to resolve the problem is to reboot the server.

So, I immediately rebooted the server. And in just few seconds, my blogs are up again.

This is what I really need. I have a full control of the server. Not like when I was still in my previous webhost that the only thing to do if I will encounter problem like this is to email the webhost where in its customer support's respond is too late.

Asking for Refund

Just like what I told you on my article, "How to avoid blog's downtime?", I already transferred from my former webhost to the DreamHost.

Actually, I got a DreamHost account last December 2009 when the server hosting my blogs was down for several days. However, my conscience was telling me not to transfer my "SELaplana" blog to that new DreamHost account for a reason that was not really clear on my mind especially when my blog was UP again.

But in order to fully use my DreamHost account, I transferred my other blogs: Pinoy Text Messages, Maasin City News, and Motoristang Pinoy. I also bought a domain, OPM Songs Lyrics, which is supposed to be for my Songs Lyrics blog, but I hesitated to transfer the "Songs Lyrics" blog into the "OPM Songs Lyrics" domain because obviously that domain is fresh and has no record at all in the search engine. So, I decided to put up a news blog for that domain.

So much for that....

I told my former webhost that I will cancel my reseller account effective June 6, 2009. Regarding the reason, I just told them that I need to transfer my blogs to my other account to help their server become free of worries from my blogs.

However, the main reason why I transferred is because they failed to gave me the VPS that I need. Their shared server is always down and downtimes affected the traffic of the blog and my income of course. I couldn't survive if my blogs will be always down.

And with the cancelation request, I am also asking them if I can have the refund for what I paid them. Actually, I paid them PhP40,255.00 for a 1 year subscription. But I will consumed only 3 months from that 1 year subscription.

I'll just hope they'll give me that refund.

Server's Resources Adjustment

After receiving email from the DreamHost system that my DreamHost PS and PS-MySQL were already up, I immediately checked if all the blogs hosted by it were already up.

The email stated that the blogs hosted by my DreamHost account might be down for several hours if not days because the DNS has changed and it takes times for the DNS to be fully resolved in the internet.

After 24 hours, all the blogs are finally up and running fine.

I am not currently adjusting the server's resources to the level that I think is just right for my account that will not lead to the crash of the server but is not too high.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DreamHost PS and PSMySQL, Up

After more than two days of waiting, finally the DreamHost PS and PS MySQL of my account in DreamHost is already running.

I now realized that upgrading an existing shared account from DreamHost takes days because the DreamHost system still needs to merge the existing databases into the PSMySQL server and then the existing files will be moved into the DreamHost PS server.

Actually, I have done a mistake while waiting for my PS account to be fully setup. I was overly excited at that time.

When I received an email from the DreamHost system that they finished merging my databases into the PS MySQL server, I immediately checked my account and found that all my sites hosted by DreamHost were all down. Then I sent tickets to the Technical Support.

However, I should have not done that. But I couldn't blame my self for doing that because DreamHost failed to inform me what's happening in my account.

I only realized that I should to wait until the upgrade has finished already when I received another email from the DreamHost system that my DreamHost PS and PS MySQL are fully set up.

Monday, April 20, 2009

DreamHost PS and MySQL PS, Ready

Finally, my DreamHost PS (Private Server) has been finally set up. The MySQL PS was set up already two days ago.

However, all the blogs hosted by DreamHost will still be offline because the DNS of the server has been changed too. And the changes takes time to resolve to the whole internet.

The blogs currently hosted by DreamHost that are currently down are:

Google Spider Rarely Visit Us

I have noticed that the Google Spider has rarely visited some blogs created under the, especially the blogs that are members of the Ka Webspy Network.

For example, few updates in the Naked Pinoy blog are not yet picked up by Google like:
The same in the SSS Online Inquiry blog that I recently created. Only few of the posts of that blog are spidered by Google. And the new posts are not yet included on the SERP like:
We also created a Pinay and Pinoy Scandal blog but it's not yet index.

But the good thing is that my blog, You Ask and I will Answer, is always visited by the Google spider. I really wonder what with this blog that is not found on the other blogs.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Server Problem

For several days on this month, my blog hosted locally experienced downtime for different server problem and reasons. My income of this month has been greatly affected.

So, resolve this problem, I am started transferring my blogs to my account at DreamHost. But since, my DreamHost account is currently shared, then I need to install VPS and PS-MySQL on it to make it isolated to the rest of the accounts at DreamHost.

It takes time to fully resolve the changes in DNS so I am expecting more downtimes of my blog.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some SERP Updates

First of all, I want to record the fact that my Naruto Shippuuden Fan blog has lost its rank of a precious keyword, "Naruto Hentai".

Last March 2009, that said blog lost traffic from searches of that keyword but after several days it went back again. But now, I wonder if the blog can get the top 1 position in the SERP again knowing that the site listed on the top 1 seem recognized by Google as the authority for the Naruto Hentai searches.

But of course we'll not be lost hope. There are still time to bet that site.

For now, just consider reading my post at the Naked Pinoy blog.
And by the way, Google has indexed my new blog SSS Online Inquiry which contains comments by the SSS Members about the SSS Online Inquiry System. So far, these are the post published on that blog:
And then my domain SSS Inquiry Online has been indexed already by Google.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bandwidth Consumed

As of writing this post, the time here in the Philippines is 8:23AM. But the time used by the server hosting my blogs is late for several hours. As proof, all my blogs hosted by the Pinoy Server is still down due to the bandwidth limitation.

I know that the bandwidth of my account in that Pinoy Server will be consumed soon. But I was thinking that the suspension would be in a short period of time because by 12:00MN (Philippine time) the server will be refreshed since yesterday was the last day of the month.

But it was not. Until now, my blogs are still suspended due to bandwidth limitation.

I wonder what time zone is the server using.