Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Unique Rose

On my The Way To Know Sueboy website, I featured Sister Clara Vanessa Diaz, and I called her, The Unique Rose. There, I described how did we met and what was she for me.

I even wrote a poem for her. You can read it by clicking here.

I even wrote a story through her inspiration. It was entitled Patay Na Ang Puso Ko. Read the Story by clicking here.

This morning, June 4, 2004 at 10:00, she vowed in front of God as wife of Mr. Someone, and had been tied up with him by the words of God on Marriage. I was lucky enough, for I was called to be one of the chorister who lead them as we sing praises to God.

Actually, I feel a little pinch in my heart, as she march along with her father assisting her....But I was happy for her, for she don't just receive the blessing of God, but also, she had found the husband who came from God.

I know she'll be happy with him. I wish I could find someone like her if not the better one. I know, God has prepared someone for me too.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Rovhick's Website

On my previous post, Ang Dating Daan Hacker: Rovick Balunsay, I told you that Rovick admitted that he was Tomador who stole my email and hacked my Pasugo-Online and The Way To Know Sueboy websites.

After the disclosure of his identity, he immediately deleted the information about him on his websites: or

Now we can still view his website through the cache of at rovhick&hl=tl or just click here.

What he did, showed us that he's guilty of what he admitted with. I wanted to thank Bro. Vic on his effort that led to the disclosure of Tomador's identity.

To let you know he's website is currently active. We recieve the DNS error as we open pages on his website because those pages have already been deleted. We'll just wait for sometimes for him to upload them back again.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Is It Another Threat To My Website?

There is a thread in our forum, The Ang Dating Daan of Eli Soriano, where the registrant information of the is posted by KAWAKSI, one of the NETWORK54 user and a follower of Mr. Eli Soriano.

I am wondering what motives that inspire him to search and post the registrant information of the said domain. Is it his way of warning me his malicious plans against the domain? Is he again planning to steal the website from me?

Now that he knows already my contact email on this domain, I'm pretty sure that he is taking the steps in stealing and gaining access to it, just like what Rovhick did with my He will be sending virus package to my email, for him to trap my passwords; or he will use a special software to steal it.

If his hacking activities will not prosper, so he will try another way just to send my website down.

Now, we know already who are responsible if the shuts down, for this is one of the projects of the Ang Dating Daan of Mr. Eliseo Eli Soriano.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Thanks To Mr. Eliseo Eli Soriano

Personally I haven’t yet meet Mr. Eliseo Soriano or simply called Brother Eli. I first heard about him when I was still studying at the Leyte Institute of Technology, through the program of the Catholic Faith Defender headed by Mr. Socrates Fernandez. When I took a review for my Licensure Examination, I accidentally tuned in to his program Ang Dating Daan, aired by the DZRH radio station.

On the year 2000, I thought I would meet him personally through a debate between him and Brother Lito Ocampo. Even brethren in Cebu City, especially those who came from Tisa, waited for a long time for him to defend his followers and doctrines from Brother Ocampo. I was so excited to meet this famous founder and preacher of the Ang Dating Daan, but he had never shown himself even until now for a debate against Brother Ocampo.

I know, there were times that he tried to poison my mind by his false teaching.There were times that he tried to loose my faith to the one true God by his brainwashing-preaching technique. But, I still wanted to thank him, for he was being used by God to test my faith to HIM (Glory be to God!). All of these things had made me tough enough to stay at the side of righteousness.

Actually, he became my inspiration. Inspiration not to follow his false teaching and weird doctrines, nor to do the things he did, but, in writing articles, poems and other literary products that exposed his absurdity. All my works were published through my The Way To Salvation website which was unfortunately being stolen by one of his followers in the Ang Dating Daan and a member of the ADD-CIT organization within the Ang Dating Daan, Mr. Rovick “Solismo” Balunsay or popularly known as ADDRovhick or Rovhick.

I was even encouraged to build and design websites for him. And because of him, I learned a lot tricks and ways in designing, coding, and publishing websites in the internet.

I had already launched several websites exposing him, but through the effort of his followers in the Ang Dating Daan, all of them were down.

What they did to my works were actually can be considered bad, but I never think negatively. Instead, I used them for me to learn more and more, and to find ways to become better, if not the best, in writing articles, poems, songs, and in designing websites.

So, through this blog, I would like to thank Mr. Eliseo Eli Soriano for all these things… But above all, to the one and only true God, who called me into the true Church of his only and loving Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Glory forever and ever.

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