Friday, August 12, 2011

Traffic Down

My blogs were affected by the latest update of Google on its search engine and its search results. I lost a lot of traffic and it really hurt me.

Currently I am working for the better of my blogs.

I checked the Make Money Online Blogging blog and its affected too. It seems that Google is really doing good for its search engine. But many blogs were hurt.

I don't know of the other blogs owned by other bloggers. But one of the bloggers from Maasin City told me that her blog lost 80 percent of its traffic.

This only tells us that the techniques used by us previously is not already working now. If they are still working then there is a big changes to its effect to the websites.

However, I noticed that the techniques used by spammers are still working because my friends who are doing spams are telling me that their traffic is still high and they are really earning a lot of money from it.

So, I need to do some other ways in gaining back the trust of Google.

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