Thursday, April 28, 2011

Struggling to Get More Visitors

I am currently struggling to get more visitors for my blogs especially the Make Money Online Blogging blog. I am still not sure if the result of the drop of the traffic which I revealed in my previous post, Blogging Problem, the result of the update of Google Search Engine implemented on November, but I guess it is the reason.

So, now I am currently looking and doing ways that might help my blogs gain traffic again.

By the way, it might be a reason too of the huge drop of traffic of my blogs the deletion of my other 60 blogs. These 60 blogs were deleted by Google after three of them were considered by Google as spam. Actually, my entire Google account was suspended which resulted to the deletion of those blogs too.

So, now I am trying to be careful in posting blogposts to my blogs, new blogs hosted by
 I don't want to suffer the consequences resulted by carelessly posting to the blogs which can be considered by many especially by Google as spam.

Remember that I am trying to depend to Google in terms of Traffic. And the only way to gain the trust of Google is to follow its recommendations, policies and terms.

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