Monday, September 12, 2011

Joining Iglesia Ni Cristo Bloggers' Campaign

I have been informed by a friend who happens to be a brother in the Iglesia Ni Cristo that some other bloggers who know better about the Iglesia Ni Cristo are writing blogposts about the church in order to answer accusations made by those who don't know much about the church and those who are narrow minded people who accuse the whole church of the mistakes made by just few of its members.

The campaign is just simple. A blogger will just write a blogpost about the Iglesia Ni Cristo based on the truth. Here's an example to this: My Thoughts About the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

It's up to you on what should you do in your article as long as your article is fair and is based on truth.

The said that there is one blogger who is active in defending the church and he is using the name Read Me INC. Well, I think he is so good in defending the church using any arguments or verses in the Bible. But for those who are not good in this field, I understand that everyone of us has our own interest, talent and mastery, just rant the truth you learn about the church and its doctrine.