Wednesday, March 15, 2006


This page is created for link exchange purposes. I will create a link to your site or blog in exchange of the link you created to this blog.

How to create a link to this site:

1. Create a link to Ka Webspy on the LINK page or on the pages of your site, as shown below:

Ka Webspy

But, take note that the link to your site as in exchange to the link you made will be posted on this page.

After inserting a link on your template or theme or pages of your site, kindly email us at and we’ll respond to your request within 48 hours after receiving your email.

2. If you want me to create links to your site from all the pages of this site and some other blogs that I manage, please apply here.

Alternate URL - The Gateway to Greater Profits

- I noticed your website has Google ads. However, it does not appear that you are taking advantage of an Alternate URL to replace the unpaid default or PSA ads. You could be making more money by adding an Alternate URL. If you have 10 minutes to spare, you can add an Alternate URL and earn money instead of showing unpaid public service announcements. I’m sure you’ve seen them on your site, when Google has no paying text ads to show.

Article City
- Serves as the bank of free reprint articles. The place where webmasters can get a copy of free reprint articles for their websites.

Bisaya Blogger
- Group blog ofBisaya Bloggers around the world. Blogposts posted on it are mostly in Bisaya dialect.

Brains and Hands
- Brains and Hands. Mini-essays and commentaries on the burning issues of the day. Read with an open mind.

The blog of Ederic who contacted me for an interview conducted by sheryl Yao of the GMA7.

Me at Technorati
- My profile on Technorati. Includes the tags I am using in blogging and the blogs I claimed.

Parokya Ni Edgar Lyrics
Lyrics and Links related to Parokya Ni Edgar band by Rare-Lyrics.

Pinoy Blog Dot Com
- Pinoyblog.Com is a free service for Filipino blogs and bloggers.

MyName Is Francesca
- A blog of a European mother and wife called Francesca.

- Let me allow you to enter the center of my consciousness and feel every emotion that lies within. Let the experience provide you warmth amidst the coldness, let me show the passion out of lifelessness and in the middle of the stillness let me create a semblance of reality…

Never Been
- Personal Blog of Grace

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