Friday, April 16, 2010

Server Problem

Currently all my blogs in my Dreamhost account are not accessible due to some server problem. I tried rebooting the server but I failed twice.

As of now, I am still configuring what to do. I checked other websites of other dreamhost users but their websites are running fine.

I checked the status blog of Dreamhost and yes, it was posted there that there was a panel problem that caused downtimes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Problem on Updates

I am currently having problems on what to publish on my blog.

As of writing this post, my blog is now catering 15,000 unique visitors a day. And I felt a need to update the blog often.

But my problem is what should I write. There are lots of questions left that should be answered. But I felt that If I ever publish my answer to those questions, the post is not that good for the subscribers.

Actually, I am scanning the internet on the topic that I might write and publish on the blog. I just stopped to write this post.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Income Getting High

For several weeks already, I was enjoying having a high income in just one blog through Google Adsense. It's my first time to experience this, having a high income in days constantly.

However, I am not yet sure if this will stay like this forever. I still need to find ways to maintain my income.

But to let you know, the increase of income was caused of the increase in traffic of the blog. So, let's just hope that the popularity of the blog will remain like that so that I will continue to enjoy such high income.